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I Dream Africa

I Dream Africa

Bludkopje Rooibank


Close to Groot Tinkas (55 km northeast of the C28 from Swakopmund) stands the ‘blood hill’ granite inselberg, a popular campsite in the Namib Naukluft National Park. The sites of the western side of the hill are very sandy, requiring 4WD to get there. It is well worth exploring the immediate area, not least fascinating rock formations. About 5 km east of the campsite lay the ruins of a German colonial police station and the graves of two policemen dating back to 1895.


Compared to the Dune 7 branches off from the C 14. You can be around 40 km followed into the botanical and geological diversity of the Namib Desert. The Dunes are mysterious, with fascinating lichen-covered dry beds of rivers. At the end of the trail you will reach Rooibank, a granite mountain in reddish color - hence the name.

A guaranteed exciting 4X4 off road experience

Depart for Bludkoppie, via the Boshua pass. Friday night will be enjoyed at Bludkoppie campsite, in the Namib Naukluft Park. Saturday, after an early morning breakfast, we will depart for Rooibank. This is the place to be. Adventurous dune driving awaits us for most of the day. Lunch served in the dunes, after-which we enjoy some more exciting dune driving. Dinner and overnight in the dunes.

Sunday morning will kick off negotiating a few rollercoaster dunes towards Walvis Bay.

Breathtaking scenery to be photographed!!!

All you need:

  • Tent, folding chair & sleepwear (bedroll, tent etc.)
  • Eating utensils (Cutlery, Plate, Bowl, Glass & Mug)
  • Own snacks & refreshments (alcoholic beverages, cool drinks etc.)
  • Torch & batteries
  • Camera (extra films & battery)
  • Sunglasses & Sun Tan lotion
  • Clothing (very hot and very cold), Toiletries & towels.
  • Prescribed medicine
  • Small bowl or collapsible wash basin
  • 40 l Water
  • 1 Small bag of wood
  • Vehicle to be fitted with points to attach tow ropes both in front and at the rear. NB!!
  • All equipment and luggage must be strapped in and securely fastened
  • Vehicle must be loaded in such a way to ensure that the vehicle is not “Top Heavy” – e.g. only light items, camping gear on roof carriers
  • Total capacity for 120 l of fuel. (Can refuel in Walvis Bay)

Fully Equipped Rental Vehicles Available

Custom made packages available on request

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