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Conception Adventure


“Living on the Edge”

The Conception Adventure is a unique adventure taking place in the vast sand sea of the Namib Desert south of Walvis Bay, offering the ultimate challenge for thrill seekers with off-road endurance and a taste of adventure

Time wise there are various options to choose from when planning your Conception trip - the trip's total duration is 5 days/4 nights but some of the sections can be done in isolation, thus allowing the participant to do some of the sections in as little as 2 days. The rest of the trip can then be done on a more convenient time. Each of the sections offers its own unique experience and scenery. For this reason it is possible to break the whole route into shorter tours with very little overlapping on any of the highlighted points in the itinerary.

Solitaire to Homeb
(Starting point for 4 day tour - Solitaire)

Sossusvlei is not included in the itinerary as many of the group members might have been to Sossusvlei before. As this is one of the highlights of Namibia, it will be a good idea for those who have not visited Sossusvlei before to plan an extra day before the trip starts.

We will leave Solitaire and enter the Namib Naukluft Park. This is the start of a unique adventure offering you aspects of the Namib not generally experienced by the normal ‘tourist’. We cross the Namib plains more or less on the same route that was followed by the earlier settlers and German ‘Schutztruppe’ in the late 1800’s. The route leads to the Kuiseb River from which the area slowly changes from the typical Namib Plains to a colourful landscape of red sand dunes separated by grassy plains. The Kuiseb Canyon offers unique scenery with the southern bank formed by massive red sand dunes, the northern bank by pitch black rock formations and in the riverbed massive trees and the dry sand bed creates a kaleidoscope of green and white. We proceed westwards along the edge of the canyon until we reach a spot were the dunes fall right into the river near Homeb. Here we will ‘slip’ into the river enjoying its unique eco system of trees and an abundance of birds. We will cross over onto the Northern bank of the Kuiseb Canyon, enjoying the breathtaking views once again offered by the contrast created by the rock formations edged against the red sand dunes. On the northern side of the Kuiseb we will come across the most southern examples of the Welwitschia mirabilis plant…. some well over a thousand years old. Although the plant looks as if it has many leaves, it has only two which have been shredded by the wind over the years. Their scientific name comes from the first European to describe it, Friedrich Welwitschia, and mirabilis from its marvellous ability to survive in such harsh, apparently waterless conditions.

Desert Crossing
(Starting point for 3day tour – Walvis Bay)

The Namib Desert follows the coast of Namibia for approximately 2000 kilometres. It varies in width from 80 to 200 kilometres where it meets the Namib Escarpment. The most important climatic feature of the Namib Desert is its sparse and highly unpredictable annual rainfall. The annual meaning it ranges from 5 mm in the west to about 85 mm along its eastern limits. Our aim with this trip is to drive ‘across’ the desert from East to West experiencing the dramatic change in the environment. From Homeb, we head southwest into the “sand sea”.

Starting point for the 3-4 day Conception tour will be Walvis Bay.
On the way to Conception Bay massive dunes are negotiated and once again ever-changing scenes of beautiful landscapes are experienced. Driver skills are improving as the dunes offer more and more challenges. The Dune straits are massive, and the dunes are even more impressive. Most of the dunes are in excess of 150m high!! The night is spent under the desert sky!!

Diamond Area no 2.

We are on our way to the ‘ghost towns’ of the desolated, previous forbidden ‘Diamond Area no 2’, but first we need to negotiate very high dunes. By now you are addicted to dune driving, and are craving more of this adrenalin rush!! The scenery is once again awesome!

Leeukoppie is a beautiful campsite in the heart of the Namib Desert overlooking “ghost towns” Holtsatia and Grillenberger!! It is in this area between Conception Bay and Meob Bay the mining settlements of Holsatia, Charlottenfelder and Grillenberger was established and no form of engine-driven transport was available during the first 15 years of exploration. Transporting of supplies and mine equipment was effected mainly from Swakopmund by ship and the cutter Viking via Sandwich Harbour, Conception Bay and Meob Bay. Various shipping casualties occurred, such as when the Eduard Bohlen intended to off-load mining equipment and were consequently lost at Conception Bay (1909). During 1912/1913 a light railway from Conception Bay to Conception Water and an 80-kilometer pipeline linking the settlements was constructed. It is not totally clear as to how many pre-fabricated buildings were erected at the various settlements, as only the foundations of some of these are today still visible.

“Langewand” and Sandwich Harbour

The dune belt opens up between Meob Bay and Conception Bay, but immediately after Conception the dune belt stretches right onto the beach. From Conception Bay you will be driving on the beach with magnificent scenery. You will experience freedom – BIG TIME!! We are heading northwards towards Sandwich Bay. En route the wrecks of the Eduard Bohlen & Shawnee are visited. Passing ‘Langewand’ where massive dunes end in the sea, given a very limited time span to negotiate this stretch of beach. After Langewand the trail once again leads into the dunes, circumnavigating the Salt Pans ‘extensions’ of Sandwich Harbour. The dunes are still getting progressively larger and offer an ever-changing new experience of ultimate dune driving. The night is spent approximately 1.5km from the sea close to Sandwich Bay at ‘Sandwich camp’.
It is our last night in and amongst the dunes!!! Treasure this – you will never ever forget it!!

Sandwich Harbour to Walvis Bay

From Sandwich Harbour the trail enters the ‘Roller Coaster’, a series of massive ‘roaring’ slip faces, not only giving you a new thrilling experience but also offering breathtaking views of Sandwich Harbour and a panorama of Sandscapes. The trail ends at Walvis Bay round about noon.

Important facts

  • We can arrange 4x4 and camping equipment rental on your behalf.
  • Trips can easily be extended by a day to include an overnight at Homeb campsite or itineraries can be changed to requirements.

Travel insurance and medical evacuation:

Please arrange own coverage in case of travel and medical insurance including emergency evacuation in case of an accident.


The following items are mandatory for each participation vehicle:

  • Spade
  • 60 liters water
  • Tyre pressure gauge
  • Toilet paper & matches
  • Plastic bags to carry waste (e.g. empty cool drink tins, etc)
  • Brake fluid
  • Gear oil
  • Engine oil
  • Fuses
  • Spare V- Belt set
  • Sufficient Petrol/Diesel to cover the distance – (see Map & distances attached). Heavy sand driving conditions (+/- 3 km/liter and +/- 4.5 km/liter consumption for larger petrol and diesel engines respectively) will be experienced.
  • Vehicle to be fitted with points to attach tow ropes both in front and at the rear
  • Empty/Available lighter plug socket– to be used with Communication radio
  • All equipment and luggage must be strapped in and securely fastened
  • Large bag firewood/charcoal
  • The trail passes through heavy dune area, which requires high flotation tyres ("fat takkies").


  • Hi lift Jack & Q20 Spray
  • Extra Spare wheel (no 6)
  • Small broom
  • Small spade

We supply:

  • Communication radios for all participating vehicles
  • Meals (Only Tea/Coffee and fruit juices supplied with meals)
  • “Communal” camping equipment (e.g. braai grid, cooking facilities & equipment, tables, wash-up facilities, Showers etc.)

All you need:

  • Tent, folding chair & sleepwear (bedroll, tent etc.)
  • Eating utensils (Cutlery, Plate, Bowl, Glass & Mug)
  • Own snacks & refreshments (alcoholic beverages, cool drinks etc.)
  • Torch & batteries
  • Camera (extra films & battery)
  • Sunglasses & Sun Tan lotion
  • Clothing (very hot and very cold), Toiletries & towels.
  • Prescribed medicine
  • Small bowl or collapsible wash basin
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