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Old Breweries Craft Market


When trying to define the character of the Namibia Craft Centre in Windhoek, its recent marketing campaign provides some guidance. One of the flyers produced for the promotion depicts a crocodile carving set against a red background. Two lines complete the simple yet striking design: GET A CROCODILE (AND MAKE IT SNAPPY). That particular advertisement really captures the essence of this place.

This centre is truly unique in southern Africa in that it is more than your average craft market. It is above all a design hub for contemporary Namibian craft and at the same time also an avenue for people in rural areas to sell their products and earn an income in the process. It showcases authentic, distinctly Namibian, exclusive, hand made arts and crafts that make use of African materials and resources: The centre promote artisans who sell hand made goods and artefacts that are not readily available elsewhere. In order to ensure as wide a variety of wares as possible, the craft centre favours applications from vendors who offer unique products preferably not available elsewhere in the centre. Furthermore traders may not include more than five percent foreign products in their se-lection with a further limitation being that non-Namibian goods being offered for sale must originate from African countries. They develop local creativity and encourage artists who draw on Namibian images and ideas

In order to guarantee clients that the assortment of goods available at the craft market consists of original Namibian products, stallholders need to attach a label to their merchandise identifying where it was made. The incentive of being able to showcase their ware to the over 40.000 guests who visit the craft centre each year, has spawned a vast selection of merchandise being presented there. Ranging from wood carvings, essential oils, embroidery, jewellery, woven baskets and clay pots to textiles, candles, ceramics, linen, unique post cards, leather shoes, CDs with Namibian music, Mahangu paper products and dried mopane worms, the craft centre offers something for everyone.

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