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I Dream Africa

I Dream Africa

Exclusive 4x4 Guided Self Drive





The tour begins in Swakopmund and guests travel with their own vehicles. We travel to Terrace Bay which is the last fuel point. From here we travel past Mowe Bay into the wilderness where it becomes 4x4 world. Northwards through the Hoarusib River, past Rocky Point, through the Khumib River, past Cape Fria, which is home to the large seal colony, past Angra Fria to Kunenemond. After a good nights rest we travel back to Angra Fria where we meet civilization again through Kaokoland, over Orupembe, Kaoko Otavi and on to Sesfontein. This is again our next fuel point (if they have petrol). The distance between Terrace Bay and Sesfontein is about 800km and much of that is heavy sand and 4x4 driving. No dangerous or dune driving. Enough fuel for each vehicle’s use must be taken along.

What can we see

We will pass the wreck of the Ventura Bomber which developed engine problems and crash landed into the sea 200 yards from the beach at Rocky Point during the rescue attempts of the Dunedin Star in November 1942. We can visit the graves of the two rescuers from the Tug Sir Charles Elliot who perished during the rescue. We cross the Hoarusib and Khumib River where we can encounter game, we go passed Cape Fria, home to the large seal colony and we pass the wreck pieces of the Dunedin Star which sank in November 1942 north of Angra Fria. (There is alot written about the ship’s sinking and the dramatic rescue that took place). In Kunenemond we may encounter large crocodiles and it would be best to stay clear of the water.

On our return through Kaokoland we pass beautiful landscape and will encounter game such as Gemsbuck, Springbuck, camels etc, and if we are lucky, elephant and lions.

4x4 Guided Self Drive Tour includes:

  • Concession fees payable to the Ministry
  • Park entrance and usage fees per person per day payable to the Ministry
  • Radio communication between vehicles (important and compulsary)
  • Two or three guide vehicles (depending on the amount of people)
  • Three meals per day
  • A beautiful and arid desert to be admired.

Each Vehicle must take along

  • Enough fuel
  • Minimum of 60 liters water (20 liters is for kitchen use)
  • At least two bags of wood (not small bags or charcole)
  • Enough cooldrinks and drinks for evenings around the campfire
  • Snacks such as biltong, sweets etc.


The fishermen can catch for the pot, if we are able to obtain permission from Nature Conservation and a permit. We can unfortunately make no promises at the moment.

Overnight spots

We overnight at Mowebaai or just after Mowe, Angra Fria, Kunenemond. Again at Angra Fria, warm Quelle or surrounds on our return. Overnight spots are not fixed as this depends on the route conditions.

Other Necessities

Warm bedding and clothes for warm and cold temperatures.
Tents. We will be sleeping along the coast and temperatures can be very cold and wet, or if we are lucky, it can turn out to be wonderful weather. This nobody can predict.
Sunblock, pain pills and alike
A list of all necessities will be supplies.

Interim Tour Dates

2011 - 20 April (fully booked)
25 May (Available)
16 July and 26 August (fully booked)
5 November and 3 December (Available)

Fully Equipped Rental Vehicles Available

Custom made packages available on request

Please enquire for pricing

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