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Oshakati is the major town in far northern Namibia. This densely populated area, formerly known as Owamboland, has been split into 4 regions: Oshana. Oshikoto, Ohangwena & Omusati. In the local Oshiwambo language of the Owambo people, the towns name means 'that which is between'

The much-developed Oshakati, (along with Ongwediva and Ondangwa,) are the only major towns north of Etosha National Park. It is a bustling hive of activity, with people thronging around open-air stalls sited along the main roads, and is referred to locally as the capital of the northern area known as Ovamboland. The town is the hub of trans-border trade with Angola, and the regions main city is surrounded by Oshonas (inland water channels), palm trees, farmlands and settlements, hence the name - Oshana Region. Oshakati is Namibia's second largest city and the town shares an airport with neighboring Ondangwa.

After Windhoek, Oshakati is the second biggest town in Namibia and according to the 2001 census was home to approximately 45 000 people. The town is however growing at a staggering rate and had recorded an annual population increase of 5.5% since Namibian independence.


The town was officially founded in July 1966 and was used as a base of operations by the South African Defense Force, during the South African Border War and Namibian War of Independence. In Oshiwambo, the language of the Ovambo, the town's name means 'that which is between, ' and some believe it refers to The Tower, the tallest freestanding structure downtown.


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