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Grootfontein is the last town before you head into the Caprivi Region and the town serves the surrounding cattle-farming community. During 1885, 40 Boer families from the Dorslandtrekker were travelling towards Angola. But after the Portuguese gained power over Angola, they turned back and established the Republic Upingtonia at Grootfonein. Although a small town, it is home to the largest known meteorite to touch down on earth - the Hoba Meteorite. If you're interested in visiting and engaging a San (Bushman) community, then you can continue eastwards from Grootfontein to Tsumkwe. We can book your accommodation and visit to the San at the local lodge. The lodge also offers nature drives into the Khaudum National Park where herds of Roan Antelope can be spotted, despite the dense vegetation. Grootfontein is also close to Tsumeb, where you can visit the Otjikoto Lake outside of town before continuing to the Etosha National Park.


Grootfontein was originally named ‘Gei-ous’ (Great Spring) by the San and Damara people, and ‘Otivanda Tjongue’ (the place of the flat mountain with the leopard) by the nomadic Herero. In 1860, it served as head-quarters for the hunting parties of Green and Eriksson, becoming the capital of the Thirst land Trekker Republic ‘Upingtonia’. They also gave it its current name Grootfontein, which also means ‘Great Spring’.


  • Hoba Meteorite
  • Baobab tree
  • Extension to Tsumkwe
  • Grootfontein Museum (Old German Fort) - Built in 1896
  • Memorial bust of Mr T Toennesen (†1925)
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