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“You don’t need to be an artist to be able to appreciate the beauty in art. Art is everywhere, in every form.”

This town is an important centre for woodcarvers from the north, who sell their carvings at the craft markets on a co-operative basis, next to the main road at both entrances to Okahandja. This is a good place to pick up that special souvenir or gift to take home.

There is a craft centre situated in the main street which is an educational trust promoting traditional arts and crafts.

The Caprivi Art Centre is a community-based marketing outlet for artists and craftsmen in the Caprivi Region. The centre encourages local artist to explore their creativity and participate in exhibitions and workshops. Of particular interest are the beautiful clay urns, often made using interesting firing techniques resulting in original and intricate patterns. Also popular are the Mahangu baskets which local weavers make from the leaves of Makalani Palms. Traditionally, the baskets are used for gathering and storing mahangu (maize millet), but they are beautifully made baskets which are not out of place in the most stylish of western homes. You will also find woodcarvings and handcrafted pots at the craft and street markets.

Windhoek, the art capital of Namibia, has an active and lively community of artists and craftspeople. Many artists will open their studios for personal visits, but this can only be done by prior arrangement.

The city has some delightful galleries and art shops, while crafts are also displayed on sidewalks, in open-air street markets and in curio shops. The Namibia Craft Centre in the Old Brewery (1902) in Tal Street offers a diverse range of crafts from all over the country.

The National Art Gallery of Namibia has a permanent collection, which is representative of Namibian artwork, as well as temporary exhibitions and a small shop, while the National Theatre of Namibia and the Warehouse Theatre present vibrant performing arts programmes. The Namibian daily newspapers advertise these events.

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