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I Dream Africa

I Dream Africa

Camel Riding


Namibia, a country filled with vivid contradictions and stark beauty, is the home of the oldest desert in the world. It is here where the desert tumbles over towering dunes and meet a most tempestuous coastline of the South Atlantic Ocean.

A perfect location for a cultural getaway with a dash of adventure, there are dozens of exciting activities that one can pursue and one of the most relaxing has to be enjoying a breathtaking sunrise or the dramatic sinking of the sun into the sand at nightfall while taking a camel ride across the desert dunes.

A camel ride across the desert is also possibly one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of Namibia without the restrictions in transporting water and luggage in any other mode of transport. The camels carry food, water, as well as any luggage, tents and sleeping bags that may be needed along the way. Experienced cameleer guides provide interesting information about the striking landscape and the friendly camels.

Explore the unspoiled landscape of the desert in Namibia and visit such sights as the Ostrich Valley, Valley of the Kings, Vulture’s Paradise, Long Dune, Valley of the Desert Fox or Camel Thorn Trees. This can be considered an adventure of a lifetime and an unforgettable experience.

Your camel ride across the desert on these creatures, who also known as the ships of the desert will without a doubt be one of bliss, if not luxury, but you will find a strange satisfaction and happiness while sailing through the desert with these peaceful animals

What to Bring

  • Most important: sense of humour; love and respect for nature and the desert.
  • For the sun: big hat; long sleeved shirts; scarf of light material to cover your neck and/or face; sunscreen; sunglasses.
  • For the cold: warm fleece or sweater; warm trousers/track suit; woolly hat.
  • For sleeping: isomat; sleeping bag, torch; small pillow if required.
  • For washing: towel and your usual washing things.
  • For riding: 2 liter water bottle; long comfortable trousers; sensible shoes (not sandals); camera; binoculars; small backpack.

Hosts will provide:
top bag 100cm x 75cm for all luggage to be carried on the camel; bag for your isomat; fleece liner for your sleeping bag; protective cover to keep sand/moisture off while you are sleeping; mosquito tent.

possibility of renting sleeping bag, isomat, small pillow, water bottle, towel, torch for period of trail, hosts serve all meals and drinks. You are welcome to bring your own snacks if you wish.

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