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Catamaran & Dolphin Cruises


The coastal region of Namibia is the perfect place to go on a cruise and relax.

Catamaran Cruise : Walvis Bay

  • Can easily cater for almost 100 pax on the variety of catamarans
  • All boats offer a covered cabin area, comfortable seating and toilets on board
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • All boats are fully insured and surveyed annually
  • All skippers have valid licenses and go through intense guided training
  • First aid kits and lifejackets for adults and children are on board
  • Blankets are available on all boats
  • Warm clothes are recommended

Sites visited include:

  • Bird Island : The guano platform built over Bird Rock near Walvis Bay
  • Oyster Farms : The Oyster farm is the property of Walvis Salt Refiners (Pty) Ltd, whose main activities are based on salt mining. The farm specialises in the culture of Pacific oyster.
  • Pelican Point : The nutrient rich water in the lagoon attracts gulls, pelicans and other birds, mainly flamingos, up to 40 000 in dry periods.
  • Russian Trawlers: Across the lagoon moored Russian trawlers can be found, where inquisitive seals will usually swim up to the boat for something to eat.
  • Lighthouse: This lighthouse was built by the government of South Africa during its administration of the Walvis Bay territory. The light station is near the tip of the peninsula, accessible only by 4WD or by boat.
  • Bird Sightings: There are more than 200,000 winged wonders that loom over Walvis Bay’s skies. Watch the birds going about their daily rituals in the most innate and natural surroundings while soaking in the wilderness of the region. Bird sightings include:

    Pelicans : “A wonderful bird is the pelican…His mouth can hold more than his belican…He can take in his beak…Enough food for a week

    Flamingos : The Walvis Bay Lagoon is renowned for the large number of both The ‘Lesser Flamingo’ and ‘Greater Flamingo’.

    White Chinned Petrel: The White-chinned Petrel or Cape Hen is a large shearwater bird which breeds on colonially scattered islands.

    Cormorants: A large aquatic bird which is really linked to the gannet and the pelican.

    Wilson’s Storm-Petrel : A small bird, which is slightly larger than the European Storm-petrel.

    Cape Gannet : They are easily identified by their large size and black and white plumage which is noticeably silky, giving them a graceful appearance.

    Black Oystercatcher: The black oystercatcher has glossy black plumage, which contrasts with its red eye, and bright orangey-red eye-ring and long bill.

    Penguins : Penguins are among the most social of all birds. The penguin's body is adapted for swimming.
  • Marine Life: Watch the marine life going about their daily rituals in the most innate and natural surroundings. These sightings include:

    Bottlenose, Dusky & Heavyside Dolphin: These are the three dolphin species commonly found in Namibian coastal waters.

    Cape Fur Seals: The seal colony at Cape Cross is the breeding place of the Cape fur seals, which are actually a species of sea lion.

    Leatherback Turtles: Along with the "hawksbill" turtle, the leatherback is classified as critically endangered by the World Conservation Union.

    Whales (July-November): Sightings are infrequent as the population is still small, but a breeding stock now exists that visits the coast seasonally.
  • Tour Options

    ‘’Le Petit Pelican’’ (Boat cruise)
    2.5 hour boat cruise, including champagne and oysters
    Minimum: 2 pax
    The cruise concentrates on the observing of sea animals, especially the Heavyside and Bottlenose Dolphins and Cape Fur Seals. Watch as they play and jump in the wake of the boat.
    - Departures: 08h00-10h30 10h30-13h00

    ‘’Marine Cruise’’ (Boat Cruise) - Walvis Bay
    4 hour tour, includes oysters, snacks and sparkling wine
    Minimum: 8 pax
    The cruise concentrates on observing of sea animals, a large seal colony and playful Heavyside and Bottlenose Dolphins will entertain you and visits to the oyster farms and Bird Island. The trip is rounded off with fresh oysters, snacks and sparkling wine served on board. Including buffet lunch on the beach at Pelican Point
    - Departure: 09h00-13h00

Kayaking Scenic Tour – Walvis Bay
This exciting tour starts when you are collected from your hotel in Swakopmund and a scenic drive along the coastline will take you to Walvis Bay. A brief stop will allow you some time to admire the bird life in the area, after which a 4x4 drive will take you to Pelican Point. Here your kayaking trip starts and you explore the bay area for approximately two hours. Encounter marine life such as seals and perhaps dolphins. When returning to Pelican Point, a well deserved lunch will be awaiting you.


  • The scenic drive stops over at Paalties to observe the bird life
  • A 4x4 drive out to Pelican Point
  • Kayaking with seals
  • Play with dolphins. (Not guaranteed.)
  • A picnic lunch on the beach at Pelican Point
  • An ideal opportunity to share your sea kayaking experiences with other paddlers
  • Watch the huge array of bird life in and around the Walvis Bay area

5-6 hours

Singles and Doubles (minimum pax = 2, maximum pax = 14) No prior kayaking experience is necessary

Tea, coffee & brötchens (sandwiches)

Walvis Bay Lagoon Tour


  • Kayaking around the Walvis Bay Lagoon
  • Watch the diverse birdlife at close range
  • Explore the low tide islands
  • Check out the oyster farms

2 hours

Singles and Doubles (minimum pax = none, maximum pax = 8). No prior kayaking experience is necessary

Tea, coffee & brötchens (sandwiches)

Sedina Boat Cruise – Lüderitz

Another activity is the Sedina boat cruise, although it leaves very early and can be quite cold it is very exciting to see the dolphins and seals swimming with the boat as you head out towards Diaz Point. You will return in time to drive out to Kolmanskop for the start of the ghost town tour.

The drive to Diaz Point and Grusse Bucht (Big Bay) is also a worthwhile activity, the original cross that Batholemeu Diaz planted on his early excursions to Southern Africa is long since gone but a replica still stands. There are numerous small bays and inlets on the rocky coastline many of which have evocative names such as Griffin Bay and Conception Bay. Another point of interest is that Shark Island.

Shark Island which now houses the Lüderitz campsite was once a concentration camp where thousands of prisoners were kept in under terrible condition leading to an extremely high mortality rate.

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