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Dune Fun


Sand Boarding
Dune 7 is the perfect dune for sand boarding tours, the dune is approximately 130m high and has a steep slip-face consisting of soft powder like sand which is ideal for sand boarding. Situated along the central coast of Namibia is Dune 7, the highest dune in the coastal dune belt, it is situated 10km outside the town of Walvis Bay. The local municipality has planted palm trees and erected toilets and barbeque sites, fresh water is also available, it is the only man-made oasis in the dune belt.

There are 2 styles of sand boarding

  • Lie down. - For the lying down style you use a specially polished board to slide headfirst down a dune. Speeds of up to 80km/h can be reached. (For that maximum adrenaline buzz!)
  • Stand-up - For the standing-up style, you use standard snowboarding equipment and you 'surf' your way down the dune. It is advisable to have some snowboarding or surfing experience to get the most out of the day, but this is not necessary. Stand-up boarding is snowboarding with a difference. Two different slopes are on offer with various runs on either.

A quad bike is used to shuttle boarders to the top of the dune again and again. (like a ski-lift). All gear, drinks, fruit and a quad bike is supplied. No experience is needed and you will be instructed by a professional instructor.

There are also plenty of dunes between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay to enjoy.


The dunes south of Swakopmund provide among the safest locations in the world to learn the art of paragliding. Even Europeans who are used to mild berg wind conditions travel to Namibia to train in the harsher conditions of the interior. The dune belt between Swakop and Walvis Bay, especially the dunes overlooking Long Beach (Langstrand) are favourite spots. The fresh south-westerly winds offer ideal ‘lift’ and once air-borne there are spectacular views of the desert and the ocean. The Namib Paragliding School offers a half-day introductory course that includes at least two ground-skimming flights, a basic pilots' license course and tandem flights. Paragliding enthusiasts occasionally undertake powered paragliding excursions along the coast. We offer full and half day paragliding flights over the Swakopmund dunes. All the necessary training is provided and no experience is needed.

Quad Biking

Put on your helmet, goggles and gloves and surrender to the alluring dune fields. Take a guided excursion with a legitimate company who makes it a priority to ensure as little impact as possible on the fragile eco-system. Multi-guided tour groups are available catering for both the adrenalin junkie and the complete greenhorn. The novice can choose a semi-automatic quad bike or the hell raiser can show off their expertise on a manual bike weaving, zooming, and spiraling the dunes. Start the guided journey at the end of Swakopmund River, then criss-cross the gravel plains leading to the vast dunes where the fun begins.

Pump the accelerator, feel the combination of flying sand, fresh ocean air and the freedom of vast open spaces take control of your adventurous spirit, speed through the dunes, be a daredevil and ride the crests of the dunes, do roller-coasters and wheelies, have great fun while enjoying the awesome surroundings at the same time. Quad-bike across vast dune fields on your way to lookout point where you can park, have a refreshing drink and relish awe-inspiring views of the dramatic Atlantic Ocean. This is an exceptional spot for taking photographs but remember to protect your camera as the sand gets in everywhere. The less adventurous quad biker can enjoy a scenic trip aimed at enjoying the diverse fauna and flora of the

Namib Desert.
Quad-biking across vast dune fields is an empowering yet humbling experience, a journey that leaves you with a sense of pride and accomplishment as well as with a newfound admiration for the astounding natural beauty of Namibia.

This is a place where the images will never leave you. The sand dunes and their colour are magnificent. The guides are very informative about the history, the tiny creatures that live in the sand and how you would survive in such a place. The walk to the top of the dune 45 early in the morning to watch sunrise is another great experience in itself. Highly recommended.
Sossusvlei should not be missing on anyone's Namibia route. There's nothing like it in the world and thank god it is easy to reach by car. The gate opens at 6:15 am and I suggest you be there at that time because the later it gets the hotter it gets (up to 40 C and more in the sizzling sun).

At Sossusvlei climb Big Daddy if you're up for the challenge. It is one of the highest dunes in the world and you'll have an awesome panoramic view over Dead Vlei. From Big Daddy you can go straight down the 300m into Dead Vlei. Actually it is great fun to run down the dune as you sink in up to your knee with every step but because it is so step you can do it.

Hiking on the dunes and seeing the variety of desert insects is certainly a lifetime's memory.

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