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I Dream Africa

I Dream Africa

Hot Air Ballooning


This is the most unforgettable one hour experience over the oldest desert in the world, namely the Namib Desert. The adventure begins before sunrise and once airborne you drift silently over the wind-swept red sand dunes, the ocean of sand and mountains, and endless sea of shadows and light. Animals and birds of prey populate the plains between the balloon’s shadow contrasts starkly with the sunlit sand. The views of the Namib Desert are exceptional.

A balloon basket is probably the most stable moving camera-platform you will ever encounter and has 360-degree vision. Any concern about vertigo is soon dispersed when passengers realise that flying in a balloon is just like anything else where you are not connected to the ground and fear of heights is totally absent.

On landing, wherever the wind has taken you, you will be served champagne and a mouth-watering spread for breakfast. After breakfast a lovely nature drive returns you to the original take-off point.
Ballooning is relatively expensive. This is because a balloon costs the same as a big Mercedes but only lasts a few hundred hours, drinks 200 liters of gas per hour and involves a minimum crew of five men to get it ready to go as well as the retrieving vehicles.

If you are only going to splash out on one thing while in Namibia, ballooning should be the one.

The choice of launch site will depend mainly on the wind direction and weather conditions. The three main locations are: Sesriem (entrance of the national park), Kulala lodge (between Sesriem and Sossusvlei), and on The Namib Rand Nature Reserve.

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