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Gobabis Museum
On the outskirts of the town, where a variety of old agricultural implements are displayed in the grounds, as well as a collection of historic artifact’s in the museum itself. Gobabis has all the usual amenities associated with a small town including a selection of accommodation establishments, shops, restaurants and bars, petrol stations, banks, (with ATM's) and medical facilities.

Grootfontein Museum (Old German Fort) – Built in 1896
It served as administrative headquarters of the Grootfontein District (‘Bezirksamt’), later as a school hostel. It was restored and utilised as a museum in 1983. It houses a section of the Transvaal settlers, the history of the ‘Republic Upingtonia’ and the Grootfontein community.
The relevant Official Gazette carries the following description of the fort in Grootfontein: ‘The military fort and administrative post was built in 1896 by Schutztruppe and the Native population. Extensions to the fort were made between 1900 and 1905. After 1915 the building was occupied by the military magistrate and thereafter used for educational purposes'.
A restoration committee was formed in the early 1970's and the Fort was restored as a museum. It is situated in Upingtonia Street in Grootfontein and was officially proclaimed a national monument on 21st March 1975

Keetmanshoop Museum
The Museum is located in the Rhenish Mission Church and the building dates back to 1895. The (Lutheran) Church was declared a national monument in 1978 and is a well-known land mark in the history of the town. Its unique combination of Gothic architecture, cast in Namibian stone, makes it one of the architectural master pieces in the country, and a popular tourist attraction.

Outjo Museum
An interesting collection of game trophies, amongst other interesting cultural-historical artifacts, in this charming little museum in one of the former officer’s dwellings, the commanding officer of Outjo garrison being Captain (late Major) Victor Franke.

Tsumeb Museum
Situated in the old German Private School. A small, interesting museum tells about Tsumeb’s indigenous population prior to the development as a mining town, the mining history and the life of the German mining community during the time of the O.M.E.G. A special treat is the Khorab Room, where a number of restored guns and ammunition carried from the German Schutztruppe are exhibited. They were dumped into Lake Okjikoto shortly before the German capitulation at Khorab in 1915, and subsequently salvaged and restored. The building is a proclaimed national monument.

Alte Feste Windhoek National Museum
Alte Feste Windhoek National Museum is mainly a museum for the independence struggle from the colonial rule. The museum is located inside the old fortress.

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