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I Dream Africa provides a comprehensive directory of activities, hot spots, top locations etc. in Namibia. Combined with the directory, I Dream Africa also provides tour packages allowing clients to experience Namibia at its best.
Historical Buildings & Sites
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4x4 Guided Self Drive
Namibia is a perfect starting po...
4x4 Guided Self Drive
4x4 Self Drive
Namibia is a perfect starting po...
4x4 Self Drive
4x4 Self Drive - Namibian Deserts
Namibia's deserts offer the ...
4x4 Self Drive - Namibian Deserts
Namibia Wild Fishing Challenge
One on one in an epic battle bet...
Namibia Wild Fishing Challenge

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Historic Buildings and sites

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Namibia is vastly desert country beamed with bleak, uneven and feral magnificence. Its most stunning imagery is that of haunting technicolor landscapes of swirling orange dunes, shimmering mirages and treacherous dust devils. Every stop and overnight stay is exceptionally remarkable! Encounter nature and culture up-close; experience the city, desert dunes, historic monuments and culture.

Explore the Ghostly Shipwrecks of the Skeleton Coast
A relentless, deathly, mesmerising landscape haunted by the lost souls of those who have lost their way in the endless sand and vast, open desert plains of the Skeleton Coast provides an ethereal backdrop for those who explore the ghostly shipwrecks of the Skeleton Coast. Some of the most inhospitable conditions on earth, including heavy surf, relentless gale force winds, extreme dryness and heat characterise the place known as 'The Land God Made in Anger', or 'The Gates of Hell'.

Explore the ghostly shipwrecks of the Skeleton Coast and discover the most famous wreck, the Dunedin Star, that ran aground in 1942 on its way around Africa to the Middle East, loaded with ammunition to be used in World War II. On the fateful day, the Dunedin managed to send a distress signal to Walvis Bay. A tug boat sent to rescue the survivors itself ran aground. A bomber was sent from Cape Town to provide supplies to the survivors, but could not take off when it landed. Yet another bomber sent to air-drop supplies crashed into the ocean. A convoy sent to the survivors also stopped short of the survivors, this time a mere 3 kilometers short. The intriguing story ends with the survivors trekking through the desert to Windhoek, arriving on Christmas Eve. See the remains of the self-same cargo scattered on the Skeleton Coast and visit the memorial to the victims of the tug boat. A trip to the Skeleton Coast is rounded off with sightings of whales, seals, sea lions, elephant, cheetah, gemsbok, springbuck, giraffe, brown hyena, ostrich, jackal, honey badger and birds.

Dolphin Tours in Walvis Bay
From Dune 7 sand dune to the haunting Skeleton Coast and the vast open plains of Etosha teeming with game, Namibia is a land of striking contrasts and stunning imagery. A trip to Namibia, be it to 4x4 the Skeleton Coast or to visit the Etosha Pan, is incomplete without enjoying the Dolphin Tours in Walvis Bay ('Whale Bay').

Boats make their way in the lagoon of Walvis Bay to Bird Island, an artificial island created to fuel the guano-collecting project established on the island, in the early morning. As the boat makes its way to Pelican Island, inquisitive seals swim alongside the boat in the hope that visitors hand out boat-side snacks. The boat makes its way to Pelican Point, teeming with dolphins and seals. The silver shimmer of Heavyside and Bottlenose dolphins playfully ducking and diving in and out of the water is an unforgettable experience.

Birdlife in the lagoon is teeming: flamingos, pelicans, cormorants, white chinned petrel, Wilson's storm petrel, Cape gannet, black oystercatchers and charismatic jackass penguins can be spotted boat side. Enjoy the views out to sea and inland to the spectacular sand dunes. Afterwards, visit an enchanted beach, the site of a haunting shipwreck, to enjoy a lunch of oysters, sausage, meats, fresh fruit, fresh bread and champagne. The waters of Walvis Bay are protected by Pelican Point, and they teem with plankton and marine life, making the bay ideal for game fishing, with the chance of catching cob, steenbras, blacktail, galjoen and a variety of shark.

Go on a guided walk with a bushman and be shown life in the desert
The San have walked with the wind and worshipped the animals on the high red dunes for more than one hundred thousand years. Considered to the oldest culture in the world, the bushmen have braved out some of the most hazardous conditions on earth and cultivated one of the most intriguing cultures in existence. Go on a guided walk with a bushman and be shown life in the desert and learn the desert survival skills of the San people.

Discover how animals have been worshipped as mystical inhabitants of this world and guardians of a transcendent, spiritual world, experienced by the San through induced states of trance and rain dances. Explore up-close the fascinating ecosystem of the Kalahari Desert during an early morning walk with a San guide. Surrounded by the rolling, blood-red dunes, and be immersed in a lunar-like landscape, drifting into the world of the San.

Learn more about lions, cheetahs and leopards as spiritual beings with the power to ward off evil; and off the giraffe that is so tall, it could pluck out rain from the sky. Spend the evenings cruising the dunes, game-spotting, and take time to admire the melting sun on the horizon while enjoying a sundowner. Return to your luxury camp to enjoy star-gazing during dinner beside a blazing bond fire before turning in to crisp sheets. Drift across the huge sky in a hot-air balloon, or quad-bike during the days. Complete with night game drives, sea kayaking and rhino and elephant-tracking, go on a guided walk with a bushman and be shown life in the desert to enjoy the most exhilarating, yet peaceful vacation of your life.

Enjoy the Hot Springs of Ai Ais
The Ai Ais, located at the southern end of the Fish River conservation area, is a simmering oasis to weary travelers and hikers that have trudged through the Fish River Canyon. What better way is there to end a strenuous hike than by kicking off your shoes and dipping them in the crystal waters of the pool, before soaking yourself in mineral-rich waters? The smoldering cauldron of sulphate- and fluoride-rich water is the ideal retreat for sufferers with rheumatism, and an exceptionally healthy experience. Known to the locals as the "burning water", the hot springs of Ai Ais can be up to 60 degrees centigrade.

The indoor and outdoor pools are soothing portals of relaxation and springs of health surrounded by 360 degrees of breathtaking scenery. In the immediate vicinity, the surroundings teem with wildlife and birdlife. Enjoy a game of tennis in the sweltering heat and cool off in the crystal-blue waters of a swimming pool before taking a dip in the mineral-rich waters of the Ai Ais. Superb camping sites submerge campers in beautiful natural surroundings.

With grandiose mountains towering in the background, enjoy the fountains of youth that jet from the earth's surface. The therapeutic waters are complimented by cocktails from the bar, followed by a sumptuous meal by candlelight. During the day, temperatures are extreme. Take some time out from the soothing waters to hike in the Fish River canyon or go on an adventure by 4x4 on one of the many trails into the Fish River Canyon.

Sand board the Dunes in Swakopmund
Swakopmund is undoubtedly Namibia's adventure playground. With its palm lined streets, beach front promenades and walkways, abundant pubs, restaurants and spirited holiday atmosphere, it is hard not to fall in love with this charming seaside town.

Rest in a variety of accommodation options which includes hotels, chalets, bungalows, bed and breakfasts, backpackers, and camping grounds before taking on the constantly shifting towering dunes of the Namib Desert situated just outside the town of Swakopmund. Dramatic and alluring, the sand sea seems as if it is daring you to come and conquer the slopes. Head to the high peaks guaranteed to challenge even the most skilled sand boarders where speeds up to 80kmph can be reached, or start at the training sandy slopes to build up courage and confidence. Various eco-friendly activity companies offer excellent instructions, quality equipment, lunch and drinks, as well as video footage / DVD of the big event which is included in the price.

Once on top of the dune, your heart pounding with mixed emotion of fear and excitement, it is not the time to chicken out as you dangle on the edge of the slip face, instead pluck up the nerves, catch your breath, for this exhilarating experience of sand boarding the dunes in Swakopmund is not to be missed. Lie face down or take the surfing stand-up position on your waxed piece of plywood fondly named a "Kalahari Ferrari", and zoom down the curving rolling slopes. Stand-up boarding requires more skill and the more advanced boarder can launch from the installed ramp to show of their freestyle jumps, big spray curves, and spectacular mid-air turns.

After the thrilling escapade of sand boarding the dunes in Swakopmund, wash down the sand and perhaps a bruised ego with a beer in the local pub while watching the video of the event. Sand boarding in Swakopmund is an environmentally friendly activity, a must for those seeking gripping adventure, and the dunes of Swakopmund will fulfill and even exceed your wildest expectations.

Trek the Black Rhino with the Damara Conservation Team
Enveloped by the astounding red dunes of the Namib Desert leading to the stark beauty of the remote Skeleton Coast and game rich flats of the Etosha National Park, Namibia is a land of spectacular contrasting landscapes. With barren plains, petrified forests and ancient valleys heading to rocky outcrops and soaring mountain peaks, Damaraland is a fascinating and exiting safari destination demonstrating the diverse landscape of Namibia like no other.

Trek the black rhino with Damaraland's dedicated conservationists and local trackers taking you on unforgettable explorations amid vast open spaces beautifully framed by dramatic panoramic vistas. Stay at the various eco lodges and camps offering luxury accommodation and rewarding safari excursions. The natural unfenced environment of Damaraland provides excellent wildlife viewing which can be explored on foot and 4x4 vehicle game drives. Track rare desert adapted rhino in the volcanic rock-strewn landscape of Damaraland where they are perfectly camouflaged by the surroundings making it a thrilling experience to sight them.

Once classified as critically endangered, the black rhino's numbers has risen dramatically due to a conservation partnership between local communities and eco tourism. A healthy number of desert-adapted elephant roam this area as well as mountain zebra, giraffe, gemsbok, lion, and kudu.

In addition to the excitement of seeing the desert adapted black rhino and elephant, southern Damaraland offer unique curiosities such as the mystery of the Petrified Forests, the slabs of volcanic formations called the Organ Pipes and the fantastic collection of rock art at Twyfelfontein. The western part of Damaraland features the Skeleton Coast which has a magnificent mysterious aura reflected by the color and mood changes of the untouched landscapes. Every moment in Damaraland is a treasured event, might is be the laborious hours spent trekking the black rhino with the Damaraland conservation team, discovering the unique desert creatures and plants, star gazing the open night skies, there is no doubt that the beauty and tranquility of Damaraland will capture your soul.

Take a camel ride across the desert dunes
Namibia, a country filled with vivid contradictions and stark beauty, is the home of the oldest desert in the world. It is here where the desert tumbles over towering dunes and meet a most tempestuous coastline of the South Atlantic Ocean.

A perfect location for a cultural getaway with a dash of adventure, there are dozens of exciting activities that one can pursue and one of the most relaxing has to be enjoying a breathtaking sunrise or the dramatic sinking of the sun into the sand at nightfall while taking a camel ride across the desert dunes.

A camel ride across the desert is also possibly one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of Namibia without the restrictions in transporting water and luggage in any other mode of transport. The camels carry food, water, as well as any luggage, tents and sleeping bags that may be needed along the way. Experienced cameleer guides provide interesting information about the striking landscape and the friendly camels.

Explore the unspoiled landscape of the desert in Namibia and visit such sights as the Ostrich Valley, Valley of the Kings, Vulture’s Paradise, Long Dune, Valley of the Desert Fox or Camel Thorn Trees. This can be considered an adventure of a lifetime and an unforgettable experience of note.

Your camel ride across the desert on these creatures that are also known as the ships of the desert will without a doubt be one of bliss, if not luxury, but you will find a strange satisfaction and happiness while sailing through the desert with these peaceful animals

Namib Desert Horse Trails
Ride into a surreal lunar landscape…

A strange world dominated by enormous sand dunes; etched with deep craggy canyons and punctuated by gigantic rock formations and the skeletons of giant camel thorn trees set against the bluest dome awaits…

This is the lunar landscape of Namibia. Surreal sunsets dominate the horizon: the moon is hung up on a string in one corner of a vast sky while the sinking sun melts in sticky orange beneath the horizon, followed by a deepening dark blue and the emergence of a brilliant canvas of stars. Exploring Namibia by Desert Horse Trails is at once an enchanting and surreal experience.

Beautiful oblivion, a voluminous emptiness, 'The Gates of Hell'…
From the Skeleton Coast, so-named for its whale and seal bones and shipwrecks that litter the coast and known by the bushmen as 'The Land God Made in Anger' and to the Portuguese, 'The Gates of Hell', to the dried up riverbed of Swakop and the high sand dunes of the north, Namibia is a place of unparalleled rugged beauty.

Awake to amazing sunsets, enjoy coffee and tea, and saddle up to explore the desert. Experienced and inexperienced riders alike enjoy the magnificent Namib Desert Horse Trails. Ride for a few hours to find a quaint table set beneath a camel thorn tree and enjoy cheeses on freshly baked bread and fresh coffee before saddling up and winding through wide expansive grassy plains, up and down mountain passes with amazing views of plains with buck, elephant, giraffe and elusive Bushmen. Enjoy cocktails at sunset atop mighty sand dunes and sleep in tents or beneath the open sky. Namib Desert Horse Trails are the ideal way to explore the untouched, rugged landscapes of Namibia

Explore the highest sand dunes in the world
A world of untouched beauty unfurls in the ripples of enormous sand dunes that crest gorgeous amber sunrises and sunsets – Sossusvlei is home to some of the highest sand dunes in the world, towering at some 300 metres. The age-old castles of the world's oldest desert are monuments of unparalleled beauty. The vast openness and serene solitude are portals to a world of beautiful loneliness. Sossusvlei is a dried-up clay pan that is surrounded by towering dunes that close in on each side.

The remoteness is punctuated by the vacant gaze of the Oryx or Gemsbok standing beneath rare Acacia trees with the giant blue dome of the sky as a backdrop. The apricot-coloured sand dunes stretch out infinitely into the distance and the dunes at Sossusvlei make for the perfect sundown and sunrise spots to enjoy breath-taking views and cocktails as the sun melts behind the shifting oranges, reds and mauves of the dunes. Distance lends enchantment to the view.

4-wheel drive vehicles are a pre-requisite to reach the Sossusvlei, particularly the last five kilometers. Explore the sandstone gorges of the Sesriem Canyon with their towering sides and rock pools. The photo opportunities at the Sossusvlei are unparalleled. In the mornings the colors of the dunes change from orange to red to mauve almost at will. Return to luxury lodgings in the evenings to enjoy star-gazing from the roof-top platforms and mouth-watering meals around raging bonfires. Guided walks and drives in the Sossusvlei are also available

Sit in silence around the waterhole in Etosha and sight wildlife
Etosha National Park is undoubtedly one of Africa's finest parks, with over 5 000 square kilometers of some of the most unusual landscapes on earth, dominated by the Etosha Salt Pan, the remnant of a dried up lake thousands of years old. Sitting in silence around the waterhole in Etosha and sighting wildlife is at once a spiritual and a thrilling experience.

The salt-pan desert is home to innumerable species of African wildlife such as lion, rhino, giraffe and Black-Face Impala. During the summer months beginning in November, rains fall, bringing welcome relief to the dry, hot winter months. Sit in silence around the waterhole in Etosha and sight wildlife. Etosha National Park is home to 250 lions, more than 300 rhinos, including the endangered Black Rhino, 2 500 giraffes and 2 000 elephants.

During the rainy months pelicans and flamingos flock to the pan. Witness breath-taking vistas of grass and thorn savannah punctuated with intriguing birdlife. The three main camps in the park, Okaukuejo, Halali and Namutoni offer a pick of accommodation, from hotels to campsites with swimming pools and superb restaurants. Sit in silence around the waterhole in Etosha and sight wildlife: the game drive to the waterhole is half the fun. Awake to fresh mornings with early morning coffee and long game drives followed by picnic lunches, cocktails in the cool evenings and roaring campfires under a starry sky. All of these magical elements combine powerfully to make Etosha one of the most magical, exotic and evocative places on earth

Paint your body in ochre with the Himba Tribe
With its ever-changing wind-swept dunes, abounding wildlife, and diverse ethnic cultures, Namibia is the epitome of timeless beauty, truly a fascinating country to explore. Embark on an unforgettable journey to discover the unaffected essence of the nomadic Himba tribe which has resisted change thus preserving their distinctive heritage. Go on an organised tour or make arrangements to be guided by a local Himba guide, firstly as the area is extremely remote and secondly for better interaction with the tribe. En-route to a cultural village visitor can overnight in one of the many lodges in the area.

Visiting a village displaying such a simple tribal lifestyle is an unbelievable uplifting experience. Half naked children adorned with bangles and necklaces sits around the unpretentious mud, stick and skin huts, beautified bare breasted woman sells authentic jewellery, men watches over the herds; all these characteristics paints an accurate picture of the intriguing Himba tribe. Become part of the colorful vibrant spirit and dedicated beauty routine of the proud Himba women. Sit in a sauna-like room thick with smoked natural herbs to cleanse the body, paint your body in red ochre, adorn yourself in the beautiful hand-made jewellery and try to re-create one of the intricate hairstyles. The cream which consists of butterfat, ochre powder and an aromatic resin from an indigenous bush gives the body an intense reddish glow and protects the skin from the harsh sun.

Enjoy the laughter and curiosity of the free spirited children, partake in a chant or traditional dance around the sacred fire pits used to communicate with ancestors, and absorb the special charming energy of the Himba tribe. Perhaps you can wash the ochre paint from your body, but the memorable encounter with this unique tribe will remain in your heart and soul for an eternity

Surf the sandy beach of coastal Namibia
Surfing the beaches of Namibia is certainly not for the faint at heart. It is an adventure sport in which you will have to brave extremely cold water averaging 6 degrees Celsius. The best waves to be found in Namibia arrive in the autumn and winter months.

Namibia offers the intrepid surfer great scenery with isolated beaches with little to no activity. This hardcore trip could introduce to the best and the longest waves you have ever seen. The best time of year to surf is from March until August when the languorously sandy beaches provide quality, long point breaks.

The beaches in Namibia will see you bordering the South Atlantic Ocean in between South Africa and Angola. A trip surfing the beaches of Namibia is not an easy one and it is highly recommended that it should only be undertaken by intermediate to pro surfers with real ability and nerves of steel. Depending on the surfing spot you choose, the conditions can get quite rough.

However, if you are a beginner and you would still like to take a shot at surfing the beaches of Namibia and take a good story home with you, a good spot would be in Swakopmund at a surfing spot called the Wreck. This spot is ideal for beginners and see many locals with 150 days per year with 2-4 ft swells. When you take a break from the surf and go into town or the city centers, watch out for petty street crime and local pickpockets. While Namibia is on average a safe place, it is always wise to be on the cautious side

Get an arial view and fly the Fish River Canyon
Ancient landscapes unfurl as you float thousands of feet above the ground. The majestic patterns of nature are revealed: rugged plains etched deep with the scars of millions of years of erosion. The otherworldly beauty and the vast open plains that stretch out beyond are awe-inspiring. Get an aerial view and fly the Fish River Canyon to enjoy a unique, pulsating experience. Marvel at the beauty of millions of years of nature's work, including glacial erosion and volcanic activity.

Get an aerial view and fly the Fish River Canyon and touch down for picnic lunches and excursions by 4x4 in these truly African adventures. Fly by the magnificent sand dunes of Sossusvlei, some of the tallest in the world, that tower in patterns near the coast. Be awed as the airplane sinks closer to the steep winding gorges. Watch as the world's second-largest Canyon unfolds below, enjoying the enormous gorges contrasted by the miniature appearance of fauna and flora of your bird's-eye view.

Get an aerial view and fly the Fish River Canyon and see the otherworldly landscape, with massive boulders jutting out of the horizon and steep gorges that sink on either side to extreme depths in the valleys below. The breath-taking scenery is all-the-more thrilling from the view of a light aircraft. Fly-in safaris are an ideal getaway alternative, with sweeping views of the Fish River canyon, the Skeleton Coast littered with its ghostly shipwrecks and the Cape Fur seals that make the unforgiving Namibian western coast their home

Visit the Windhoek Museum
Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, is an attractive town in a beautiful valley bordered by the Eros Mountains in the north and the Auas Mountains in the south. The town combines modern city architecture with that of the German colonial era. While most pay Windhoek little more than a passing glance in their travels, it is not without its charms and natural wonders. There is plenty to engage your attention in this city which is steeped in African and Germanic influences with its architectural, cultural and market attractions but one activity that should not be missed is a visit to the Windhoek Museum.

Amongst its many wonders, one can see Bushman displays to show how they survived in the harsh Namib Desert, as well as items for everyday use such as baskets, earthenware pots or traditional games which provide insight to the Namibian culture. A visit to the Windhoek Museum will encourage development of historical awareness of Namibia of where it has come from and what it is today. Also included in the displays, you will find amongst other countless treasures, the rest of the Gibeon Meteorites that were found in Gibeon, Namibia. Some of these meteorites are also on display near the Post Street Mall and consists of 33 of these meteorites that fell to the earth over 600 million years ago.

Most tourists will comment on the cleanliness of this beautiful city and will often pronounce Windhoek to be a mostly un-African city. The influence of German language and culture is felt throughout Namibia and is in many ways still present. Don’t miss out on an amazing cultural experience and make sure that you visit the Windhoek Museum

4x4 The Skeleton Coast
The white beaches of the haunting coastline are awash with the battering of the cold Atlantic sea that brushes the warm western Namibian coastline, creating an eerie fog that looms over the desert. Hunks of iron, the empty shells of shattered dreams and the cocoons that spawned many a nightmare of shipwrecked sailors litter the beach. Punctuated only by the haunting bones of whales and seals from the days of whaling on this coastline, restlessness pervades the silence; a haunting beauty descends, like the fog, and permeates the mind. The skeleton coast, stretching 500 kilometers along Namibia's coastline is a portal to the lonely beauty of Namibia. 4x4 the skeleton coast to enjoy the surreal beauty of this untouched, nightmarish landscape, known to the Portuguese sailors as 'The Gates of Hell'.

A kaleidoscope of sights and sounds awaits. Massive sand-dunes carved smoothly by wind shuffle alluringly on the dreamy horizon. The empty hulls of many ships lie strewn by the merciless conditions on the beach, bespeaking tales of stranded, desperate sailors that walked hundreds of kilometers through violently harsh conditions in search of food and water while the flamingos, seals and penguins looked on from rocky outcrops at sea and the chilling call of brown hyenas disturbed the silence at night. 4x4 the Skeleton Coast to experience the grandeur of what has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Rhinos and elephants inhabit the dried up river beds in the unforgiving landscape. 4x4 the Skeleton Coast and camp out at night, or drive on to the Etosha Pan to explore a region teeming with game

Observe our meerkats and Desert Fauna
The golden-orange plains of the Namib Desert stretch out as far as the eye can see. The wind shapes and shifts the highest sand dunes in the world at Sossusvlei, forming a kaleidoscope of colors, dizzying heights and shifting patterns while the vacant gaze of the lone oryx and gemsbok is met by the desert traveler in the distance. Hyenas, lions, meerkats and desert animals inhabit this otherworldly, lunar landscape.

Observe our meerkats and the desert fauna – these are a portal into a world of sheer, rugged beauty filled with silence and open spaces. Explore the world of the San hunter-gatherers; their desert survival tricks and mystical religion of animal-worship that equates animals with mystical, spiritual beings with the powers to bring rain to the parched land and ward off evil. Discover an ancient landscape and see the bushman paintings – testaments to the world's oldest desert. Fly-in safaris and self-drive 4x4 holidays are ideal adventures that allow travelers to observe our meerkats and the desert fauna.

From the haunting coastline of the Skeleton Coast, littered with the bones of whales and with shipwrecks of star-crossed sailors, to the rolling dunes of the desert and the hiking and walking trails that immerse you in a lonely, desolate landscape; hot-air ballooning and sunset desert cruises – Namibia offers an unparalleled escape. See the wild horses near Garub and Aus and the ostriches against the tall sand dunes of Sossusvlei. Observe our meerkats and the desert fauna – Namibia is a land of extreme contrasts and sheer beauty

Stand on the edge and hike the Fish River Canyon
Breath-taking vistas over sweeping plains punctuated with the rare, untouched beauty made by the rough hand of centuries of water and wind, await the awe-inspired traveler to the Fish River Canyon. Stand on the edge and hike the Fish River Canyon – marvel and be amazed at the beauty of 500 million years of nature's work. The 90-kilometre hike through the Fish River Canyon is one of Africa's most thrilling hiking experiences.
Stand on the edge and hike the Fish River Canyon and prepare to be amazed by surreal scenery – the towering canyon sides preside over the serene canyon floor, littered with rock pools where refreshing mid-day lunches are spent in the cool of the shade. The hike can be completed in 6 days. Spend nights cooking meals over fires with the star-littered sky as your roof. Days are crowned with gorgeous sunsets over sweeping vistas. The sunset is nature's alarm to find a camping spot in the canyon floor, either in sandy areas or beneath cliff-faces and overhangs.

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for weary hikers is Ai-Ais, a superb resort with an outdoor pool and indoor spa – the perfect place to kick the shoes off and dip the feet in the cool, refreshing waters while enjoying a cocktail or ice-cold beer. The hike is best undertaken in the cool winter months, between May and September. While hiking in the canyon, expect to see mountain zebra, leopard, baboon, a range of antelope, and of course birds of prey such as Fish Eagles and also Kingfishers

Reach the floor of the Fish River Canyon by 4x4
Few landscapes in the world compare with the staggering, utter beauty of the Fish River Canyon in Namibia. Sweeping views of the Fish River Canyon from stunning vantage points are a portal into another world with sheer drops and craggy valleys. Reach the floor of the mighty Fish River Canyon by 4x4 and be awed by the majesty of what is known to many as the second-largest canyon in the world.

Various routes and drives in the Fish River Canyon take drivers to vantage points from which breaths are stolen away in spellbinding moments of exhilaration. Camping sites along the way of many routes are strategically placed near pools and overlook the canyon for some of the most idyllic sunsets in the world.

There are two major routes to the floor of the Fish River Canyon. The first is the Fish River Canyon Trail, a one-day trail with overnight huts within a short hike of one of the best pools in the canyon and spectacular vistas of the canyon. The second trail is the Lo"wen Canyon Trail, also a one-day trail, for intermediate drivers with a bit of experience, can be done in four hours.

Along the way, drivers might expect steep slopes, and sandy and rocky areas. The routes may be tackled by novice and expert drivers alike. Kudu, zebra, klipspringers and the elusive leopard might be spotted en route to the Fish River Canyon floor. Reach the floor of the Fish River Canyon, enjoying spellbinding vistas and breathtaking scenery along the way, for an unworldly experience of a lifetime.

See the biggest ever meteorite to hit the earth in Grootfontein
Get up close to the biggest ever meteorite to hit the earth in Grootfontein. Grootfontein lies on the B8, the Namibian National Road which leads from Windhoek to the Caprivi Strip in the north-eastern part of Namibia. The name, Grootfontein, means “Big Spring” in the Afrikaans language.
Namibia’s claim to fame is the Hoba Meteorite, which rests on the farm “Hoba” - lying 24 kilometers from the town of Grootfontein. It is approximately 3 meters in length, 1 meter in width and weighs over 50 tons. It is estimated at being between 200 and 400 million years old and fell to the earth about 80,000 years ago. It is also the largest naturally occurring mass of iron known to exist on the planet’s surface. The curious thing about the Hoba Meteorite is that there is no impact crater and it is estimated that it is possible that it entered the earth’s atmosphere at a rather low trajectory, impacted far away and bounced its way to its final destination.

The Hoba Meteorite, the biggest ever meteorite to hit the earth has a cuboids shape – it has three corners, the fourth being rounded, which makes it unusual amongst meteorites and makes this a phenomenon not to be missed. It was declared a national monument in March 1955 but has unfortunately continued to suffer from vandals over the years.

Check out the biggest ever meteorite to hit the earth and see for yourself. Some even call this an extra terrestrial body of the oldest kind. Take a detour to Grootfontein if you ever find yourself in Namibia and satisfy your curiosity!

Quad-bike across vast dune fields
The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man", - this is a saying of an unknown origin but undoubtedly true when encapsulating the beauty and wild untamed essence of Namibia, a land of unrelenting sun, where the earth seems to beg the heavens for rain, and the landscapes stretch uninterrupted for hundreds of kilometers on end.

Put on your helmet, goggles and gloves and surrender to the alluring dune fields. Take a guided excursion with a legitimate company who makes it a priority to ensure as little impact as possible on the fragile eco-system. Multi-guided tour groups are available catering for both the adrenalin junkie and the complete greenhorn. The novice can choose a semi-automatic quad bike or the hell raiser can show off their expertise on a manual bike weaving, zooming, and spiraling the dunes. Start the guided journey at the end of Swakopmund River, then criss-cross the gravel plains leading to the vast dunes where the fun begins.

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