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Wine and Dine
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Wine and Dine

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Namibia is blessed with wonderful weather, providing many opportunities to enjoy the ever-popular braai (barbeque meat) outside on an open fire. This is the best way to socialise and meet new people.

Game is a popular meat with Kudu, Oryx and Springbok served regularly at restaurants. The German influence has also brought a variety of pastries, breads and cake as well as sausages and other meat specialties into the local cuisine.

Along the coast, Walvis Bay is famous for its oysters.

Namibian Cuisine

Namibia is a meat-orientated society. Namibian cuisine is known for the use of game dishes and popular ones are kudu, springbok and gemsbok. The meat of Zebra and Ostrich are favored by the local people because these meats are both tasty and rare. Namibia is an important producer of beef and mutton. Seafood is available from the country’s coastal region.

The German colonial period has left a legacy of a variety of sausages, breads, cakes and pastries, whilst the South African influence can be seen in foods such as biltong.

The restaurants of Namibia serve international cuisine, yet the Namibian culinary is the most preferred one.

Names of the Namibia food specialty are:

  • Rauchfleish (smoked meat)
  • Biltong (air-dried meat)
  • Potjiekos (one-pot bush stew)
  • Seafood (mainly oysters)
  • Game comprising of antelope, zebra or ostrich cooked on braai ( barbecue)


Traditional food of Namibia usually comprises of porridge and soup made from cornmeal, millets or cassava, supplemented by fish or meat stew, vegetables and milk products.

For agriculturalists, the staple foods are millet and sorghum; for pastoralists, dairy products. Beans and greens are eaten with millet in the north, but otherwise few vegetables are grown or consumed.

Hunting and gathering, more important in the past, still provides a dietary supplement for some. Meat is highly desired and eaten as often as it is feasible—daily for some, on special occasions for others. Fish consumption is slowly increasing with government promotion of Namibian fish products.

Important occasions are marked by the slaughter of cattle or goats, and the consumption of meat, home-brewed beer, purchased beverages, and other foods. In some cultures, leftover meat is sent home with the guests.

The Kalahari truffle is quite a rare and valuable find, when restaurants in Namibia lay their hands on these treasures, they advertise it proudly and people literally stream there to enjoy them.

Pearl millet is known as Mahangu and for a lot of families in northern Namibia, Mahangu is their staple food. The grains are pounded with wood to make a porridge called oshifima. Or it can be fermented to make a drink called ontaku or oshikundu.

The mopane worm is considered a delicacy, especially by the people in northern Namibia. Rich in protein, these worms are fried or boiled in a little water. Most of the time the caterpillars are dried so that they can be stored for use throughout the year. These dried mopane worms can be eaten dry or used to make a relish. They often are served with mahangu meal porridge.

Omajowa If you happen to drive on a stretch of road in Namibia and suddenly a man appears from the side of the road with a bunch of white stuff he's trying to sell you, do not be alarmed, you have not fallen victim to a severe case of dehydration, nor is the man trying to sell some kind of magical drug to you. They are merely selling one of Namibia's most favored local foods, the Omajowa. These mushrooms are also known as anthill mushrooms, growing on the foot of the termite hills shortly after the good rains. They are eaten fried or with a batter in butter or garlic and make a very tasty mushroom soup.

Wines & Beer

The national drink of Namibia is the Tafel and Windhoek lager. Because of a strong German brewing tradition, Namibia's lagers are good, the Hansa draught being a particular favorite. In cans, Windhoek Export is one of a number to provide a welcome change from Lion and Castle which dominate the rest of the subcontinent.

The wine available is mainly South African, with little imported from elsewhere. At its best, this matches the best that California or Australia has to offer, and at considerably lower prices.

Soft drinks

Canned soft drinks, from Diet Coke to sparkling apple juice, are available ice cold from just about anywhere – which is fortunate, considering the amount that you'll need to drink in this climate.

Windhoek Restaurants

  • Joe’s Beerhouse
    Is a popular tourist spot where you can indulge in a game-meat-oriented evening meal (such as oryx, kudu, springbuck, crocodile, zebra, eland) - with prolonged drinking until early in the morning. Sure, it's touristy, but there's a lot of fun to be had here, especially on a warm evening when you can kick back a few cold ones underneath a faux African hut.

  • Art Cafe
    This fashionable spot specializes in breakfast, sweet and savory crêpes and light lunches - with excellent results. It also sells local Namibian art.
  • Dial-a-Meal
    For those who are feeling lazy, Dial-a-Meal delivers orders from a wide range of local restaurants, as well as the neighborhood bottle store, which, if you're new to Namibia, is the place where you buy booze.
  • Gathemann's Restaurant
    Located in a prominent colonial building overlooking Independence Ave, this splash-out spot serves gourmet German and Continental food, though it's a good choice for a gateau and pastry on the sun deck
  • Luigi & the Fish Restaurant
    This famous Windhoek restaurant specialises in reasonably priced seafood (fish, shellfish, seafood paella, calamari etc) as well as steaks, game, pasta, chicken, Cajun dishes and vegetarian cuisine.
  • O’Portuga Restaurant
    The best place in town for genuine Portuguese and Angolan dishes, including numerous seafood options. There is also a good selection of wines.
  • Sardinia’s Italian Restaurant
    This rather loud and boisterous place is good for pizza and standard Italian fare, as well as great coffee and gelato.
  • Yang Tse Chinese Restaurant
    This locally popular cheap Chinese joint is a good choice, especially if you're just coming back from (or heading out to) a long stint of bush cooking.

Swakopmund Restaurants

  • Hansa Hotel Restaurant
    This restaurant is among the most popular in Swakopmund. The Terrace is a perfect venue for a leisurely lunch, and it overlooks the inner gardens. Breakfast and dinner are served in the main dining room. The 'a la carte' menu includes soups, cold and warm starters, main courses of seafood, game and grilled meats, vegetarian dishes, and a huge selection of mouthwatering desserts.
  • The Tug
    Housed in the beached tugboat Danie Hugo near the jetty in Swakopmund, the Tug is an atmospheric, up market choice for fresh fish and seafood, and is regarded by locals as the best restaurant in town. Its extreme popularity means that advance bookings are essential.
  • Kucki’s Pub
    Situated in the heart of Swakopmund, within walking distance from all major hotels and the main beach of Swakopmund. ??As our name suggests, we have a fabulous pub but are also well known for our seafood and grill restaurant. We have a very relaxed atmosphere, ample space on two floors and great food.??Kucki’s Pub serves fresh seafood dishes and the best cuts of meat, grilled to perfection! Coupled with freshly tapped draught and a wide selection of good wines, your meal is guaranteed to be a winner.
  • Erich’s Restaurant
    Situated in Daniel Tjongarero Ave, Swakopmund, Namibia.
  • The Grapevine Restaurant
    This is a romantic and cozy restaurant, set up in a 100 year old architecturally beautiful building. Wine tasting from the excellent selection of wines to be enjoyed.
  • Swakopmund Brauhaus
    The Swakopmund Brauhaus, located in the heart of the coastal town of Swakopmund, has a menu guaranteed to satisfy even the most delicate of taste buds.If you are looking for a restaurant with that special something, you need look no further!
  • Lighthouse Pub & Café
    The Lighthouse Restaurant in Swakopmund is a good place for a sundowner and several very tasty seafood and meat dishes.
  • Café Anton
    Rated as one of Namibia's most famous coffee shops, Café Anton in Swakopmund, with its traditional German confectionary, such as the Black Forest Cream Cake, Florentiners, "Bee Sting" and ?lots of other cakes.
  • Zur Kupferpfanne Restaurant
    Apart from its multiple African game meats and variety of seafood dishes, this restaurant in Swakopmund is also a quirky museum peppered with German-Namibian knick-knacks.
  • The Wreck Restaurant
    'The Wreck' is a new restaurant at the Beach Lodge in Swakopmund. It serves an 'a la carte' dinner meal only. There is also a bar and small guest lounge.  The Beach Lodge is positioned directly on the beach in Swakopmund, with a view of the sea from most of the rooms. Although it is situated some 5kms from Swakopmund town centre, it's beach front location and the addition of its own restaurant, more than make up for those few extra kilometers.
  • Napolitana Restaurant
    This quaint and romantic Italian bistro specializes in gourmet pizzas and pasta, as well as heartier meat and seafood dishes. If you're feeling lazy, ring them up and they'll deliver right to your door.
  • Hotel Europa Hof Restaurant
    In this Restaurant, German and Namibian qualities are being harmonized combining European and Namibian values giving it a unique flair that is so typical to Swakopmund and Namibia as a whole. This combination is what attract so many visitors to Swakopmund and is perfectly embodied in the Hotel Europa Hof restaurant.
  • Seaside Restaurant
    Situated in Swakopmund, this restaurant offers a wide variety of specialties from Seafood, Steaks & Pastas. Choose your own wine in the basement, where we keep the best wines of the world as well as cigars. Here you can relax after dinner and have a cognac before bedtime. In front of the Restaurant is an open area where functions can be held. Here we can cater for 500 people at one time.
  • Haiku Sushi & Wine Bar
    This restaurant is situated in Swakopmund and is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, with the best sushi in Namibia. Catering & Functions available on request .
  • De Kelder Restaurant
    Enjoy your dinner in a cozy and intimate Namibian atmosphere with traditional home-cooked recipes or seafood, game (ostrich and oryx) and a great variety of grilled beef at excellent value for money. A selection of good South African Wines are also available.
  • The Jetty Restaurant
    After the first section of ‘The Swakopmund Jetty’ was left to disintegrate, Swakopmund businessman, Quiton Liebenberg came up with a plan to restore the second half of the jetty and to build a restaurant at the very end.? Imagine enjoying your variety of lunch or dinner having a spectacular view like this… The Jetty restaurant officially opened on 14 August 2010.
  • Tiger Reef Beach Bar
    This beach bar in Swakopmund is an excellent place to enjoy a sundowner on the beach. Grab a bottle of bubbly for the amazing sunset (Locally called sundowners). This is Jagermeister country and don't forget to sample the famous, locally brewed Hansa Draught. Light meals are also available here.
  • Grunerkranz Pub & Restaurant
    Located above Cape to Cairo in central Swakopmund, this is where everyone comes for their late night drink. Light meals are also available here.
  • Rafters Sports Bar
    This is a popular sports bar situated in central Swakopmund, with big LCD screens and also offers also a variety of ‘a la carte’ meals.
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